Finalistka Miss Polonia Województwa lubelskiego 2012 On Saturday, 26th of May we got to know the name of the most beautiful woman of Lublin Region. Ira Watwat crowned as a “Miss Polonia of Lublin Region 2012” and “Miss of Audience” defeated all her competitors.
At this special event we could see girls in sports costumes, evening dress, ball gown and in SoftLine’s lingerie of course.

Actor Olaf Lubaszenko said before show in SLC costumes: “It is known that the one of most beautiful women in the world are from Poland. In situation like that you must agree with me. Polish quality is also asset of SoftLine Collection lingerie. Football sets which girls will dress were designed specially for Euro 2012 by SoftLine Collection, the polish brand of exclusive, erotic lingerie which exist on market from 10 years

After this we saw girls in white-red and yellow-blue costumes. We must admit, that they looked beautiful. Perfect body and stunning beauty – we are sure that jury had problem to choose the best one. Among many attractions of this evening we could see actor Olaf Lubaszenko, Jose Torres with his band, dancers Joanna and Konrad Dębscy and the show of professional barmen.

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