For the convenience of order placement, we have a modern bulk order platform made available to you: http://slc.softland24.pl/

The service is simple and intuitive in use. It will also give you ongoing access to new products and many interesting promotions.


We provide appropriate competence base to our partners. In case of any questions, you can contact your customer assistant. You will also receive the assistant’s aid e.g. in choice of appropriate assortment for a shop. Additionally, we offer a wide range of promotional materials, available on individual order (e.g. Web banners, roll-ups, stands, etc.)


For the sake of full satisfaction of our Customers, we put a strong emphasis on high quality and attractiveness of packaging of our products. The packages are not only stylish but also practical in use. Thanks to a sliding drawer, it is possible to view the lingerie without damaging the package. The shape of the package and an additional hook allow for two ways to present the product on a shop shelf – standing or hanging.

Designing the packages, we have bet on a light, bright and modern graphic design. It matches ideally the style presented both in the catalogue and on the product photos.



The SoftLine lingerie has gained a completely different visual quality. Beautiful models attractively present our products. The pictures have been set in a diverse scenery emphasizing the advantages of the presented lingerie. On the photographs, beautiful outdoors are intertwined with exclusive interiors. Additionally, some sessions were made using interesting car-related accents.

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