Four mine lines in shades of love, divides our lingerie collection into the Clubbing, Romantic, Erotic and Costumes, all filled with a whole range of feelings.

In our offer we have also bodystocking collection in black line, panties in white line and men’s collection in grey color

SoftLine Clubbing

CLUBBING – Come with me

Clubbing line with the violet color shows satin dresses and tunics in the most club edition.




SoftLine Romantic

ROMANTIC – Gentle view of pleasure

Romantic line with pink color gives the essence of sensuality, tenderness and femininity. This line includes lingerie made of delicate lace and nets.



SoftLine Costumes

COSTUMES – All you ever dream about…

The orange Sexy Costumes line is hiding magic and mystery in the sexy SoftLine disguises: the nurse, maid, teacher, stewardess, schoolgirl, policewoman or devil.



SoftLine Erotic

EROTIC – Power of desire

The red Erotic line, full of bold imagination and adventurous desire. This line is characterized by many models of lingerie in the most sexy design.



SoftLine Bodystockings SoftLine Hosiery

BODYSTOCKING & HOSIERY – Naughty elegance

Bodystockings and net dresses are a pinch of spice hidden in black color. Hot supplement of black line are sexy stockings.


SoftLine Panties SoftLine Accesories

PANTIES & ACCESSORIES – Cherry on the top!

White SoftLine lines are full of sexy feminine G-strings, thongs, panties, and sensual accessories, like gloves and garters. This products are the perfect complement to any outfit.


SoftLine Mens

MEN’S COLLECTION – Surprising and funny!

Thanks to the offered costumes, shorts or thongs, gentlemen, too, have a possibility to put on something uncommon. The quality of the offered models is high, which makes them not only interesting but also very comfortable in use.




SoftLine Plus Size is a collection designed for full, feminine shapes. The lingerie models have been designed in such way so they could emphasize and reveal the advantages of the figure. What does distinguish the SoftLine Plus Size? Elegantly tailored necklines, corsets, shirts and dresses, emphasizing feminine curves in a sexy way. The desired effect is bolstered by appropriately selected additions and ornaments.

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