The second edition of SoftLine 2018/19 novelties…

slc_cat_cover A new edition of SoftLine novelties from this year’s collection has just been released.

The new models are a continuation of this year’s style of the collection. Romantic chemises, sexy bodysuits, elegant corsets and lingerie sets, and for that tempting bunny and maid costumes and 11 models of erotic panties. Beautiful laces in combination with transparent tulle and decorations with stripes, small circles, ruffles  and sexy cutouts are extremely electrifying emphasizing the silhouette and all the advantages of the beauty of the female body.

The whole collection has been presented on extremely beautiful, sensual photos from which it is difficult to take your eyes off.

We invite you to view the updated gallery of new products and get acquainted with the entire offer of the brand in our B2B store:

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SoftLine congratulates the wonderful event – SoftFest 2018!

3 Beautiful weather and sights, excellent atmosphere, great company, successful business  – all this took place on the biggest event of the erotic industry in Ukraine.

(Czytaj dalej…)

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Discover the new arrivals SoftLine Collection!

5591187312_2 SoftLine Collection lingerie brings out the from the female figure what is the most beautiful, emphasizing its strengths and at the same time gently masking the imperfections.

(Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine on Trade Fairs 2018…

fairs_slc_2017b_0 And another busy autumn time, with the most important trade fairs, behind us…

(Czytaj dalej…)

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Female curves in the new lingerie models!

slc_ps_new2017pl The SoftLine brand has prepared a nice surprise for its customers for summer. To the Plus Size collection offer has beed added four new models: mini dress, chemise, body and corset.

(Czytaj dalej…)

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EroticExpo 2016 – In Siberia can be hot even in winter time!

softline-round-table-3 City Tyumen, situated in the region of cold Siberia, for the several days in December is associated exceptionally warm for representatives of the erotic industry in Russia.

(Czytaj dalej…)

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„EroExpo” trade fair in Moscow!

eroexpo-hall Already for the 7th time Moscow park „Sokolniki” hosted participants of the trade fair „EroExpo”!…

(Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine Collection on eroFame 2016!

stoisko-softline The next edition of „eroFame” trade fair is behind us. Traditionally, SoftLine lingerie couldn’t be absent there! This year, we put emphasis on the presentation of the latest Plus Size collection, which also was marked in the look of the booth…

(Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine presenting new collection Plus Size!

Softline_PlusSize_2016_01.indd We are proud to present the newest collection of SoftLine Plus Size.

(Czytaj dalej…)

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Warmly Welcome!

slc_fairs Autumn is for us always very busy, but also bringing a lot of satisfaction period, associated with Softline brand participation in trade fairs.

(Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine – New Collection 2016!

1838rp_img_5932 New collection of the sexiest lingerie SoftLine now available! The proposal confirms the brand’s high position in the market of erotic lingerie. Variety of 2016 novelties makes that regardless of taste, every woman can find something special.

(Czytaj dalej…)

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New arrivals SoftLine 2015 – hot as a holiday romance

2015_new_arrival Like every year at this time we warm up by the novelties from the new SoftLine collection. This time, we heat up atmosphere in your bedroom and make it more romantic. Every lingerie set from new collection bring you this feeling and also you find it in photo session promoting the SoftLine Collection 2015. (Czytaj dalej…)

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eroFame 2014 – Are you sure you know everything about Softland?

Główna część stoiska to scianka SoftLine z TV oraz kontuar This year, eroFame was an opportunity to explain the second face of Softland company. So far, we were known primarily as the SoftLine Collection lingerie manufacturer. Not everyone knows that Softland is also something more ..

(Czytaj dalej…)

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X’Show 2014 International Trade Fair i n Moscow


In May 2014 Softland Russia Company joined to the official distributors of the SoftLine brand at the Russian market, next to Andrey Ltd. and Astkol-Alfa Ltd. The official opening of the company took place on the thirteenth edition of X’Show International Fairs from 30th May to  1stJune 2014 (Czytaj dalej…)

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New SoftLine Plus Size 2014!

PlusSize2014_Wizualizacja2 We invite you to the premiere of the awaited SoftLine Plus Size 2014. This lingerie collection was designed for women from XL to XXXL size. Whole collection exudes subtlety, delicacy and sexiness. Seductive glow of extravagance and mature collection style from the SoftLine golden line attracts like a magnet… (Czytaj dalej…)

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Thaifest 2014 – Business in exotic scenery


We took part in ThaiFest fair for the second time. Our remembrances from last event and also hot sun and a magical atmosphere of Thailand – everything was so inviting that we couldn’t help ourselves to go there. The Organiser of ThaiFest second edition was Astkol-Alfa Company – one of the biggest distributors of SoftLine Collection lingerie on Russian market. (Czytaj dalej…)

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Fall in love with the net!


Outfits perfectly fitted to the body shape, original designs, soft nets and exclusive packaging… New Collection with black SoftLine Bodystockings line is available now!

(Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine Collection returns to the Theater!


On a Saturday evening of 16 November, at the Klub Teatr in Wrocław, an event ‘Teatr on High Heels – SoftLine Edition 2’ took place. Our brand was the main sponsor of the event.

(Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine Collection at the eroFame 2013 trade fair – photo gallery


Many meetings with Customers and Partners, premiere of the 2014 collection and catalogue, beautiful models presenting the SoftLine lingerie, and excellent fun at the Oktoberfest… (Czytaj dalej…)

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The SoftLine Collection 2014 catalogue is available now!


9 October of this year will be remembered as the day of premiere of the SoftLine Collection 2014 catalogue. This event took place during eroFame, the greatest erotic fair in Europe, held in Hannover, Germany. (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine Collection 2014 – so soon!


Premiere of SoftLine Collection 2014 will take place on October 9th, during the eroFame Trade Convention placed in Hannover. (Czytaj dalej…)

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Discover us anew!


Check the inspirations of new SoftLine Collection logo.

(Czytaj dalej…)

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New SoftLine Collection will coming soon!


In the next few days we will present you a new look of SoftLine Collection. (Czytaj dalej…)

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June – the most erotic month in Russia

SoftLine at Trade Fairs in Russia

The premiere of new Plus Size 2013 collection, launching of merchandising certification program on Russian market and the sexiest lingerie show. This is only a part of attractions, which SoftLine brand prepared for June’s erotic fair in Moscow and St. Petersburg. (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine Plus Size Collection 2013 is now available!

Katalog SoftLine Plus Size 2013

New designs of lingerie in Plus size, sexy G-strings, panties, garters and stockings… SoftLine Plus Size Collection 2013 is now available! (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine at trade fairs in Russia


We invite you to visit booths of our distributors at the Russian trade fairs X’show Moscow and  eS.EXpo in St. Petersburg. (Czytaj dalej…)

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New SoftLine Plus Size coming soon!

Sometimes a lot of words is not necessary…

Check the video announcing the Softline Plus Size 2013 collection. Starring: new designs of lingerie, a beautiful model and .. sexy, feminine shapes.

The premiere of Plus Size Collection in May 2013!

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SoftLine in the theater…

Pokaz bielizny SoftLine - klub Teatr Wrocław

Beautiful women, gorgeous scenery and… SoftLine sexy lingerie!
Third edition of the Theater on High Heels event took place on March 23, in the Theater Club in Wroclaw. Our brand was the main sponsor of this happening. (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine at Thaifest Astkol 2013

SoftLine at Astkol Thaifest 2013


At the beginning of February 2013, we took part in ThaiFest, the event held in the picturesque scenery of  Thailand, organized by Astkol-Alfa Company, one of distributors of SoftLine lingerie on the Russian market. (Czytaj dalej…)

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VALENTINES EDITION of SoftLine lingerie!

2013_01_30_promocja_EN „…The perfect gift for a Special Person” is the motto of the campaign prepared on the Valentine’s Day for SoftLine’s clients.

(Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine Collection in Kiev!



November 23 – 25, SoftLine brand came to Kiev, where took part on the biggest erotic trade fair in the Ukrainian market named X-Planet. (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine celebrated the 10th anniversary at eroFame Trade Convention

Softline at eroFame 2012 On 3rd-5th October took place the third edition of the eroFame Trade Convention in Hannover, Germany. This event became very special for the Softline brand because of its 10th anniversary celebration. (Czytaj dalej…)

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There it is, the new SoftLine Anniversary catalogue!

2013_Anniversary_catalogue You should watch out for the hypnotic power of new SLC Anniversary Catalogue! Although especially ladies are known for their ability to watch for many hours of delicate, lace lingerie. We have to warn the men too, because they are exposed to the temptation to flip pages of catalogue many times, which there are more than one hundred in SLC Catalogue! (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine Collection – Decade of love

Join us at eroFame 2012


In this year the SoftLine Collection celebrates 10th anniversary, so the candles will blaze on Softline’s birthday cake  and champagne corks will fly up at eroFame Trade Convention in Hannover. On this occasion we have prepared a Special Anniversary Collection of lingerie. The premiere in few days! (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine at Kiev Fashion fair

SoftLine at Kiev Fashion SoftLine Collection brand took part in Kyiv Fashion, the largest fashion trade fair held every year in Ukraine. For us the fair was announcement of the upcoming anniversary and the new, jubilee collection. During the fair, held a special lingerie show. (Czytaj dalej…)

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Feel the climate of the SoftLine’s photo session backstage!

Check the scenes of one of the SoftLine photo sessions. See how they look sexy models dressed in sexy SLC lingerie. Unforgettable experience guaranteed!

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New SoftLine FASHION 2012 available now!

Softline Fashion

A beautiful model dressed in new collection of the SoftLine lingerie looks at us from a cover of magazine about FASHION. Just one glance at her is enough to make sure that new sets of the SLC lingerie prepare specially for summer will start little revolution in fashion world. (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine at erotic trade show eS.EXpo 2012 in Petersburg

SoftLine at eS.EXpo

From 15th to 17th of June in Petersburg took place an erotic trade fair named eS.EXpo promoted by organizers as a exhibition of erotic industry. This event was connected the b2b and b2c convention, so everyone could find something interesting. SoftLine Collection was presented there on special prepared booth with our brand colors. (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine at Polish Days in Tallinn – Estonia

tallin_glowne Our voyages over a Europe are never ending story. We travel from east to west, from south to north. This time we were in Estonia… (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine at Moscow’s trade fairs EroExpo & X’Show 2012

[SinglePic not found] We have spent a few day in Capital of Russia recently because of erotic trade fair which have been place in Moscow. From 25th to 26th May we took part in EroExpo Trade Fair where our SoftLine brand was present on booths our official representatives Andrey Co Ltd. and Astkol-Alfa Ltd. (Czytaj dalej…)

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The Miss Polonia of Lublin Region 2012 is chosen!

Finalistka Miss Polonia Województwa lubelskiego 2012 On Saturday, 26th of May we got to know the name of the most beautiful woman of Lublin Region. Ira Watwat crowned as a “Miss Polonia of Lublin Region 2012” and “Miss of Audience” defeated all her competitors.
At this special event we could see girls in sports costumes, evening dress, ball gown and in SoftLine’s lingerie of course. (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine Euro edition in the TVN television!

euro2012_2 In a few days The Euro Championships begins. It is hard to not be caught up in it because everywhere we can hear about it. Many items in shops have their own “euroedition”. Everything turns into white-red colors.

TVN – the polish television prepared report how to Poland cheer and how the real fan of football should look like. T-shirts, scarves and caps in Poland’s national colors are well known for all fans.

Many new „euro” items appeared in the market and among them, the SoftLine Collection Euro sets which were prepared specially for women’s fans. We need to admit that against a background of stadium in Warsaw they looks very attractive. ” Indeed it is a risk that players will follow the wrong ball, but generally sets are very nice” said the reporter.

If girls could catch attention of players from opposite team what let us win – we don’t mind. You should see what else creative traders prepare for us. SoftLine in TVN! (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine Collection brand as a Supporting Sponsor of „Miss Polonia of Lublin Region”

Miss Polonia Województwa Lubelskiego 2012 SoftLine Collection brand become as a Supporting Sponsor of the beauty competition “Miss Polonia of Lublin Region”. This prestige event will take place in 26 of May in Philharmonic of Lublin.
For the title of the most beautiful will be compete 20 girls selected in the castings. On the stage we will see young women in SoftLine Euro Edition. Without a doubt, the combination of beautiful women with the SoftLine lingerie is extremely exciting mix which you can not miss. If we add collection in football style – hot atmosphere of competition is guarantee.
It is worth fighting for, because title of “Miss Polonia of Lublin Region” gives opportunity to take part in the most prestigious beauty contest in Poland named “Miss Polonia of Poland”. From all girls will be choose one which enchant jury of her beauty and quickness of mind. Olaf Lubaszenko the famous polish actor will leads the competition.
More information please find on  organizer’s website.

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SoftLine Collection supported the Gala „Drogeria Roku 2012”

Softline podczas gali Drogeria Roku 2012 Modern woman has many duties and responsibilities but she can find time to herself, she knows how to make herself more happier and good feeling. The best way to feel better is shopping.
High quality cosmetic or sexy lingerie have incredible power to generate endorphins which entering us – women – in state of euphoria.
SoftLine Collection is created for women, so we understand this point of view. Because of that we decided to support Gala “ Drogeria Roku 2012” (Drugstore of the year). This event has been organized for select the best polish cosmetic shops of the year. Gala took place on 11th of May in Courtard Marriot hotel in Warsaw. Prizes awarded in two categories: the highest quality of service and quality business relationships. The Gala was attended by over 200 people, among them representatives of major cosmetic companies. Beautiful hostesses dressed in costumes the SoftLine Euro Edition handed out winners certificates and promotion coupons for SoftLine lingerie sets. (Czytaj dalej…)

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Happy Easter!


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New „mascots” from Softline at Euro 2012!

Kolekcja Euro 2012

EURO UEFA 2012 is just around the corner, because of this fact, SoftLine Collection presents the new “mascots” of Poland and Ukraine whose will support the hosts football teams.

SoftLine Euro Edition – inspired by this special championships – consist beautiful sets in white-red and yellow-blue color.

Viktoria and „Ola” will warm up the feelings of spectators and footballers. They will have better and more sexy assistance then ever.

Especially for you we propose two sexy sets – beautiful footballs top with revealing shorts or mini dress. Both sets include also the sexy knee socks in red or blue color.

Could you imagine more beautiful doping for Euro 2012 Championship ?! (Czytaj dalej…)

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New SoftLine Plus Size collection!

Ne SoftLine Plus Size catalogue Glamorous shapes need seductive dressing. Following trends in the world fashion continually expanding our lingerie collection. Far from the narrow interpretation of feminine beauty SoftLine Collection lingerie is also available in sizes from XL up to XXXL!

We marked new Plus Size line by golden because extravagance and wealth are the best defined by this color. New lingerie catalog in XL-XXXL size and new graphics of packing perfectly reflects exclusive character of our collection.

Being bigger is no reason to hide under long, unfashionable clothes. We want to make you saw that the extra weight is a source of pride. Sexy female curves, alluring breasts, buttocks rich, smooth skin … We will help you show up with your the most sexy side. (Czytaj dalej…)

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Interview with Softland CEO in E.A.N. magazine

article You have to read it!

What should you do if you want to know more about SoftLine Collection? Maybe try one of our items which you don’t have already? Of course it is good idea but now we would like to introduce to you another solution…

It has been already appeared interview with CEO of Softland Company Piotr Moritz in E.A.N. magazine. This magazine is main position for people connected with erotic industry. There is huge article about Softland and SoftLine Collection brand in February edition. (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine Collecion Lingerie at the STYLish edition

SLC Team at STYL Fashion Fair Next edition of Central Europe’s largest fashion fair STYL 2012 has already finished. SoftLine Collection was one of the exhibitors at this event. It took place on 12-14th February 2012 in Brno Czech Republic. We are full of positive emotions which are caused by this event, primarily for two reasons. Firstly, because of our brand new fresh stand in softline’s colors which was prepared specially for this fair. Secondly, because of outstanding SoftLine Collection fashion show! Among presented brands, models dressed in SLC lingerie looked the most erotic and seductive  which caused a big stir among the audience, increase camera’s flashing and finally, well-deserved applause. (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine Collection at STYL 2012 Internetional Fashion Fair

adver_www All who would like to know the current trends this season, most fashionable styles and colors we are inviting on 12-14 February to Brno in Czech Republic, which will turn into a European Center of fashion. STYLE Trade Fair for many years enjoy great success and is popular with exhibitors from all over Europe. This year the Fair will be more sensual and hot because of the SoftLine Collection brand, which will be one of the exhibitors in lingerie categorie.

For all visitors we have many surprises, especially the SLC fashion show. We are waiting for you in the hall P at booth No. 140

All who are interested in visiting of our stand at STYL Fair please contact us at: in order to arrange meeting.

More information is available on the official website of the organizer:

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X’Show Trade Fair in Moscow – Sex and The City

Logo X'SHow We don’t have to explain that sex and money is that what have great influence on our imagination. Both we can meet on X’Show Fair in Moscow. For the 10th time, the capital of Russia, which is world centre of trade has become an international platform for the business partners and visitors interested in the sex industry.

This year X’Show Fair took place on 19th-22nd May in the modern, exhibition complex in Moscow, called the Crocus Expo. We can say that our presence on X’Show is already a tradition. Interested guest could visit the SLC Lingerie stands created by two official representatives of the brand in Russia: Andrey Co. Ltd. and Astkol-Alpha Ltd. This year’s event was special for us, because it was perfect time to present brand new “Plus Size” collection and share the message that we won “Enda” statuette on 14th Gala “Moda & Styl”. Our lingerie and news about award make admiration among wide audience. (Czytaj dalej…)

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Full of warmth, peace and joy of Christmas
and successful New Year 2012
All the best! Logo SoftLine Collection

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SoftLine Collection from Poland with love…

We wolud like to invite you on an extraordinary journey of passion, beauty and mystery cursed in the new lines of the SoftLine Collection 2011/2012. Five lines in shades of love, divides our lingerie collection into the club, sweet, romantic, erotic and sexy costumes, all filled with a whole range of feelings.

(Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine Collection at eroFame Trade Convention 2011

SLC eroFame team On October 5th to 7th in Hannover took place eroFame Trade Convention, the bigest international b2b trade fair for the erotic industry in Europe. Four enormous EXPO halls under the wooden roof have made impress before we went in. Inside everyone could see news from erotic world: accessories, lingerie and aphrodisiacs. Also visitors were able to meet personaly with the representatives of erotic industry leaders.

For our brand, this year’s event was unique because time of eroFame  was covered with the premiere of new SoftLine Collection lingerie catalogue – edition 2011/2012. Because of this fact, we have prepared very carefully to participate in the fair. Awesome lingerie and a brand new design conquered the hearts of people who have visited us. New catalogues and packaging was only a decoration for SLC lingerie. Our latest collection were presented by lovely models, so no one was able to pass by next to attractions like this. During all days of the fair our booth were visited by many people seeing potential in SoftLine Collection products. (Czytaj dalej…)

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See You at eroFame!

advert On 05-07th of October we would like to invite You to Hannover on eroFame Trade Fair, organized for erotic business entrepreneurs. Although, that this is only a second edition, it becomes very popular among exhibitors and visitors. On the impressive list of companies and brands presenting their products is also SoftLine Collection.

This huge event will be a unique opportunity for us to present the latest collection of SLC lingerie. We will surprise you with a powerful dose of new, very sexy models. Satin corsets, lace chemises and unique, enticing costumes, all this will wait for You at our stand No. 26 in the hall P32-gallery.

All those who wish to visit our stand at eroFame please contact us at:

It should take a part in such an unusual event to learn about the world of colorful, fancy sex toys, fall in love with the frivolous novelty lingerie, and discover the world of erotica, which act on our senses. See everything what tempts, attracts and arouses desire. These and many other attractions will be waiting for you for three days of the eroFame Trade Fair, which will focus in one place all leaders from erotic market. See you at the eroFame!!!

More information is available on the official website of the organizer:

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New unique SoftLine Collection Summer 2011

Katalog SLC Summer 2011 page 1 A unique collection of lingerie SoftLine Collection invites you to captivating world of erotica where varied colors and fancy designs unleash undiscovered deposits of sex appeal.
The new line of  SoftLine Collection lingerie contains eighteen erotic models, among them the lovely chemises, seductive bikini sets, lace body, beautiful strings and a mega-sexy model – the “Bride” in HOT version , what can be the perfect gift for a future bride!

Sweetness and delicacy of the collection was balanced by decisive colors, bold cutouts and plenty of feminine accents ripped together perfectly. Sweet chemises with exposed breasts, girlish babydoll made of transparent mesh with flower decoration, strapless chemise reminding minidress, two models of seemingly innocent bikini and thong with tempting holes – these are the latest designs of  SLC lingerie.

(Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine Collection SALE!

SLC Sale 2011


SoftLine Collection


– %

Full sales offer is available here!

To ask for the conditions on this offer, please fill the contact form.

The offer is valid from 15-07-2011 to 30-09-2011
or while stocks last.

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New eXXXclusive Plus Size Collection!

Katalog ChubbyLine 2011 Be sexy in any size!

Sexapeal is this thing which every woman carries in herself, we know that it doesn’t matter what size you fit, new Plus Size lingerie make you feel absolutely sexy and like a real woman.

To meet the expectations of our customers we have created new exclusive line of erotic lingerie for women with full shapes.

See, that in “plus” size you can be very attractive, wear lingerie which will introduce you to the previously unknown world of erotic experiences. Logo ChubbyLine by SoftLine Collection

The new Plus Size Line, designed for dominant woman, is a bold combination of fashionable design with the highest quality materials. Plus Size Collection include patterned, lace shirts, bold corsets, sexy stockings and delicate dressing. (Czytaj dalej…)

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SoftLine Collection is the ENDA award winner!

Moda&Styl_49 The SoftLine Collection was enthusiastically accepted by all guests present at XIV Moda&Styl event. In competition organized by publisher of exclusive magazine “MODA&STYL”, our lingerie – SoftLine Collection received prestige award ENDA (&).

On 17th April in Sheraton Hotel in Warsaw was held a XIV Moda&Styl gala. All brands presented there were trying to get the ENDA statuette. To the competition was invited only professional and original fashion houses, which characterized distinctive style and best quality.

In this year prizes were awarded in several categories, among others Freestyle, Coctail Fashion, and for first time Erotic Lingerie. SoftLine Collection presented seven brand new premier models, which combine unique design, best quality of materials and very stylish in this season flower theme.

(Czytaj dalej…)

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To see beautiful women in sexy lingerie you don’t need to go to Rio…

SLC_MC_38 If you wonder where SoftLine Collection was present in last weekend of carnival, we already know it. This time it was in “MC Club” in Lublin.

Three grounds full of crazy people thirsty of great party, three magnificent DJs, colourful drinks and refreshment for all! What else can glorify such well presented party? Of course only charming women in sexy SoftLine lingerie!

It was really divinely! We presented our most sexy items: charming chemises and negligees, elegance corsages, night dresses and mini-bikini sets. Guests can admire our lingerie also after the fashion show – models dressed as nurses, policewoman and housemaids. Also, guests gets sexy SoftLine gifts.

(Czytaj dalej…)

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Devil’s Valentine’s Day with SoftLine Collection!

SLC_choco_05 On Feb. 12. shortly before the celebration of Valentine’s Day we had a party at one of Lublin’s most popular club -“The Chocolate”. The name of this place itself has obliged to spend the sweet time … and it was Valentine’s Day as well …

For all fans of unfettered fun SoftLine Collection has decided to make a surprise by taking part in an event organized by the club. Our devilishly dressed models were handing and distributing red drinks for fans … oh it was hot!

No doubt we heated up the atmosphere.  It is known that good things come to end quickly,  therefore we are looking forward to the next party because carnival is still lasting. (Czytaj dalej…)

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Softline Collection as a sponsor of the new Audi A8 gala!

Luxury, style, elegance, class … that’s the presence of new Audi A8, which we can admire on 20th of November on gala at the Authorized Salon “Danelczyk” in Lublin.


The ceremony began with a multimedia presentation of the newest models of Audi, after which you could see them live. It is widely known that the true nature of exclusive cars is connected with beautiful women. Models dressed in Softline Collection lingerie shine in the spotlight of Audi A1, A7, and the most wanted limousine Audi A8 makes each man’s heart beat faster. (Czytaj dalej…)

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Softline Collection lingerie on EroFame trade fair in Berlin!

logo eroFame

From 20th to 22nd of October Softline Collection lingerie was presented on EroFame Trade Fair in Berlin. This prestige event, which idea is to connect worlds biggest producers and distributors of erotic industry attracted many trade members from around the world.

EroFame Trade Fair were for us primarily an active promotion of the newest Softline Collection 2010/2011.  SLC stand

The new SLC Catalogue had aroused a great interest. In effect we did not have to wait for the new bussiness contracts. Great favor among stakeholders raised the fact of Polish origin, and also guaranteed a certain quality of the materials from which our lingerie is made. The quality of SLC products has once again provided evidence of its reliability!

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We rushed in with big verve!

Katalog SLC 2010

Winter is coming, but there is really hot! Our designers are still working on new collection and new items of Softline Collection lingerie!

Classic, style and elegance is the dominating trend for season 2010/2011. Following it, we made new sensitive and extremely feminine items. Stylish line of Softline dresses is dedicated to gala meetings (using delicate and shiny satins and soft nets).

Police Girl front Undoubtedly, Softline’s smash hit is costume of lethally sexy police woman. For people loving classics, we made brand new indispensable housemaid in two, always fashionable colors: red and black.

Our new chemises are really sensitive and delicate. Thin nets, charming laces and beautiful embroideries are closed in stylish design.

In a word we can say that new Softline Collection 2010/2011 is a real feast for senses. It is made for elegance, perfect and sexy women!

Check out new Softline Collection lingerie!

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Plus Size Collection – XXX Large size lingerie

Bielizna dla Puszystych Plus Size Collection is a new Line of  SoftLine Collection lingerie. These models are dedicated for chubby woman. All items for this catalog are   availabe in XL, XXL, XXXL size.

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